Thursday, March 10, 2011


The Soviet Union, Union Carbide... these recollections don't bring up warm fuzzy images, and yet! the beloved media (and some democrats) would have us believe that unions in the public sector are a good thing. Are they? Let's have a look at some facts.

Union Employees generally make better wages than non-union jobs---hey that's a good thing right? Well, it just depends upon whether or not the industry can support the wages unions demand. That's right, demand I don't know about you, but where I work I can't just barge into the boss's office and say, "Hey pal, I wanna g*d*mn raise, or me and my buddies aren't workin' no more, fuhgeddaboutit." Do you have that kind of authority? You do if you're union. Do union workers even respect their jobs? Or do they always go around with the attitude that they're being ripped-off, and not getting their due.  I like to call this entitlement syndrome.
And hey, weren't unions pretty much controlled by the mob? When did all of that stop, after Hoffa disappeared? Not likely. Somebody get the FBI on the phone.

This isn't 1920. There was a time and a place for unions in America's early history. People were being taken advantage of, working in poor conditions and being killed from unsafe job sites, companies weren't paying employees and bosses were mini-dictators, firing for whatever reasons they wanted. But we have laws here in the states that protect us now. China could do with some unions, but America's time for them is done. Unions are partially to blame for WHY China has so much work. Don't think so? Have you been to Detroit lately? (it's dead compared to it's earlier bustle) Have you bought an American car lately? (of course you haven't) Ever hear of Saturn Car Company? (who? yeah, they're out of business now) Unions have pretty much single-handedly destroyed the auto-making industry here in this country. To compete on a global scale, we had to build crappier cars to keep the cost of them the same, because the wages of the employees were ramped up by unions. Yeah, during the early age of the auto through the 1950's we made the best cars in the world (with maybe the exception of the Germans) but after the 60's things started to go to shyte pretty fast. Take my word for it, you don't see a lot of 1984 Ford LTDs at car shows.

Now, with what's going on in Wisconsin, all of those protesters...did they somehow miss the news flash that Wisconsin is BROKE? I don't know about you, but when I write a bad check, the bank hits me with a hefty fine and if I keep it up they put out a warrant for my arrest. Wisconsin can't write any more bad checks. None of our government officials can, because it all just keeps compounding into debt that the USA owes. (We'll cover this later) Wake up unions, you're shaking an empty piggy bank!